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Import from Wayback Machine to N.nu

It is possible to import from the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine.

Do not use any material or trademark that you are not allowed to use. Please see our Terms of Service in regards to copyright and trademark.

This import will replace the template of your website with specified URL in the Internet Archive. Only 1 URL at this time. Navigation, internal pages and so on has to be done manually.


  1. Replace all content of the HTML section in the custom template with a URL of the internet archive, such as:
  2. Make sure that the CSS section is completely empty and click save.
  3. Wait until fully done. This can take a few minutes.
  4. Save any errors that appears for later review and possible corrections.
  5. Reload the custom template in order to see the HTML and CSS.
  6. Search for XXXX and remove those CSS files that are now inactivated with a XXXX.
  7. Remove the extra title tag, keep the one with <title>##title_tag##</title>
  8. Search for /web/ and correct if needed. Javascript files has not been imported and those can be removed or downloaded and uploaded manually if they are needed.
  9. Many important template tags such as ##content## has to be added manually.


For technical feedback concerning this tool please email [javascript protected email address] - please make sure to mention the exact archive URL that you used and what went wrong.